Music Services
Our main objective is too support music artist & the cultural enviroment
  • Our aim is to reduce insufficient understanding of the potential value of creativity, cultural expression, and artistic practice to community development.

  • Reduce the multitude of barriers that creatives encounter to participate in community social activities. 

  • Help those with difficulty in financial resources, struggling with identifying arts partners and developing shared passion, expectations and frameworks.

  • Gentrification-led displacement and promote inclusion.

  • Provide the network and broader field with tools for and training in community development and outcome measurement.

  • Provide opportunity to participate in community events and work along side peers inside the community

We believe that music is a very powerful medium, music reflects and creates social conditions and is powerful within a social group because it. 

We are Art of Love Community Interest Company

Art of Love is a non profit organisation that aims to promote excellence in artistic and creative music development. Art of Love  aims to inspire everyone who visits our studio to unleash their creative potential. We are a practice centre for artists who cannot afford professional development themselves. As a non-profit organisation, our work is free for artists who meet our criteria, but we do expect a good level of attendance from participants for positive development.

Our mission is to offer support to young people from diverse backgrounds who wish to develop their music and create positive life choices, further impacting on the wider community. We are committed to working with the local community and Local agencies.

In the hope together we strive to empower people and equip them with skills needed for a positive future. 

We are financed by donations, funding, private memberships, studio rental and we also generate income through music publishing, our music label, artist repertoire and events. 

_Beginner Online Music Lessons_
Audio Engineering
Our Studio

Thank you to Pre-sonus who were kind enough to sponsor us with top of the range professional audio recording gear! State of the art equipment, highly professional microphones and speaker systems.

  • We provide various guitars, pianos, keyboards and of course various other instruments such as percussions. 

  • We use Logic Pro 10 audio workstation with fully kitted waves and izotope plug ins. Get to grips with advanced features like flex pitch, midi fx, chopping up loops, samples, and making them your own in the EXS24 together with studying all about all the fabulous built-in sounds in this comprehensive digital audio workstation. 

  • Receive Production tips, techniques, and knowledge from programming bass-lines, strings, synthesis, sculpting natural sounds, vocal & song arrangement, getting the right sounds, and putting it all together to make your track sound fantastic and ready for a master mix.

  • Have you ever questioned why the songs that you write are okay but don’t sound like hits? Have you read books and watched tutorials on song writing without them actually making any difference? This module is designed to ultimately bring the hit songwriter out in you!

  • Getting noticed, selling your music, and knocking on doors has been a difficult part of the music business for years and still is to this day but with our programme and insight we give each of our students full insight into the music business past, present and future. We will advise each of our students about music societies to help with lawyers, managers, record companies (mini & major), publishers and synchronisation & licensing. 

Our Partners
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We are always looking for new partnerships

Art of Love would likes to say “Thank You” to our Partners and Contributors.

For more information on our partners, please click on the logos below.

We are always open to new partnership offers.  Do you like what we do ?  Do you have an idea to support us either with capital or goods for good will? 

In return you will be listed on our Webpage as Partner or Contributor. As we also use the tool “Product Placement” we make sure your products or your Company Logo will be seen in our You Tube Videos, on Photos in Social Media and from time to time included also within post as direct referral. 

Supporting Arts & Culture is also an opportunity to get seen, especially if you support us with things we need.

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Content Production Package

Kaseem Bars

Very professional experience, clearly knowledgeable on a variety of media and music aspects, efficient in delivering the final product, will definitely be booking future sessions

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Malachi KP

Worked on a number of projects with this company and found the experience amazing.
Professional and probably the best end to end service I have had.
I would definitely recommend working with this company


Marianna G

"Makes you feel comfortable while and gives you directions."