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We are proud to operate as a Community Interest Company (CIC), which means that all profits we generate are reinvested back into our organization to further our mission of supporting aspiring musicians from diverse backgrounds. We are a free practice centre for artists who cannot afford professional development themselves. By supporting us, you are investing in the future of music and helping us to create positive life choices for the talented individuals we support. We are grateful for your help, and we believe that we can make a big difference together.

Thank you for considering supporting Art of Love Community Interest Company. Your contribution will make a meaningful impact on the lives of the talented musicians we support through positivity and the power of music. Help us to impact the lives of the community we serve.

Click the mouse above & It will take you to our GoFundMe Page
Send a cheque (payable to Art of Love community interest company) to
The London Office, 60 Winsor Avenue, SW19 2RR

Do you have some time to spare? We are looking for volunteers! Please send us an email to discuss the opportunities.


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